Why Content Marketing is a Must for Your Business

Content Marketing Generates Over Three Times as Many Leads as Outbound Marketing and Costs 62% less. 

Content marketing is important, not just because it works for building trust, generating leads, and cultivating customer loyalty, but because it has become the new normal from the consumer side. By 2019, content marketing is projected to expand by 116% from $144.81 billion in 2014 to $313.42 billion, says MediaPost.

Content marketing builds trust in a way that no other method can match. Building trust over time means consumers pay attention and listen to your brand’s voice. That is incredibly, ridiculously powerful. With the right strategic approach, content marketing is effective without being too in your face. It’s built on transparency and a down-to-earth appeal. It’s efficient, compelling, and subtly persuasive. It also can be less expensive, but best of all, it works! Of course, like any strategy, content marketing requires skill, persistence, and consistency to work.

Here’s a look at the types of content experienced marketers are planning to focus on in 2019:

At The CT Agency we have a strategic approach to ensure the success of your content marketing plan. The initial phase we strategize. We take time to analyze you audience interests and come up with a strategy to engage with them. The second phase is the planning phase. In this phase, we being to craft an experience to make your content more unique. In this phase, we set you apart from your competitors.

It takes time to get your content marketing strategy to make an impact because it takes time to establish a trusted presence.

Phase three is the optimization period. We ensure that the message is crated for each social channel needed and promote it through a creative and scheduled process. Once your content marketing strategy has been running for a few months, we analyze our results and amplify what is working. The amplify period is where the true growth really happens!

A successful content marketing campaign takes time. But through our process rinse, cycle, and repeat we make sure to improve what your business offers and boost the impact of your future content marketing campaigns.





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