The Client

Tac7 USA

Tac7 USA is a boutique security firm specializing in the unique needs of private clients and families, as well as corporate training in active shooter (threat) response and workplace violence. Tac7 provides security solutions to clients through their diverse background of military, law enforcement, and private security experience. We utilize our vast array of expertise to provide a comprehensive approach to keeping you, your family, and your workplace safer.

Client: Tac7 USA

Project Overview

93% of online experiences start with a search engine.

Tac7 USA is working to change corporate security and safety in the event of an active shooter incident. We worked with Tac7 on a new site design to educate the audience why having an active shooter plan is essential to every business. By combining an easy to navigate site, along with lead capture and a robust article section, we were able to use the site as a sales engine.

We combined strong visuals and click through points throughout the site to drive the user through the experience we created. We also serve Tac7 on a monthly basis for all content marketing needs that pairs with our LinkedIn media and PPC and keyword search campaigns.


Content Marketing + Keyword Strategy

Along with a new website, the largest scope of work we deliver for Tac7 is their content marketing and paid keyword search campaigns. Weekly, we deliver content marketing pieces that are shared through various channels to engage with particular audiences. We also use the content marketing pieces as a sales device for outbound and in-bound marketing.

The content marketing plan paired with the strategy keyword PPC campaign has been instrumental in outbound marketing and drives the majority of cold leads for Tac7 USA.